Thursday, September 08, 2005

# Posted 5:53 PM by Patrick Belton  

I love the Oxford English Dictionary. Viz, the following is section 3 part b of the defintion of the word "medieval":

b. U.S. to get medieval: to use violence or extreme measures on, to become
aggressive. 1994 Q. TARANTINO & R. AVARY Pulp Fiction 131, I ain't through
with you by a damn sight. I'm gonna git Medieval on your ass. 1996 Rolling
Stone 13 July 85/3 And with the metal-on-metal grinding and old-school synth
whoops..Faust and O'Rourke really get medieval. 1999 Washington Post 9 May
F1, I have no idea why we're talking about sending ground troops to Kosovo
when we can send a fleet of Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators over
there. What's Milosevic going to throw at them{em}Yugos? These things will
get medieval with Yugos. 2000 N.Y. Times 5 May E8/1 The teenage crowd
screamed and cheered{em}but only when Macbeth got medieval on someone.
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