Thursday, December 01, 2005

# Posted 12:56 PM by Patrick Porter  

IF YOU'RE DOWN: or feeling dejected, or sad, or even if you aren't, rent out the 2004 film "Sideways." Its just beautiful. Without giving the game away, one of its themes is that its ok not to succeed, that life can remain meaningful and worthwhile, and that good things can still happen. Not a bad message in a time of high youth suicide.
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I am not drinking fucking Merlot!
Please, this was one of the most trite and, for hollywood, self-congratulatory movies to appear on screen in a long time. Scratch the surface and you'll find very little beneath....
Wait, I'm scratching. Nothing's happening. Did you mean the surface of my screen or the television?
The lead reminds me of Wallie Shawn ... Only without the rakish good looks, his suave voice, or commandingly tall presence. ;)
It wasn't my movie but I'll watch anything with Sandra Oh.
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