Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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DEMOCRACY ARSENAL HAS FIREPOWER: Suzanne Nossel has a sober analysis of the threat presented by Iran and what are chances are for dealing with it. She also has some firm words for Kofi Annan and his best efforts to imitate an ostrich.

Another solid post is from Derek Chollet, who reminds us of the importance of expenses-paid congressional travel for educational purposes. In the rush to punish those who get "educated" on Scots golf courses and at Caribbean resorts, reformers eager to earn their merit badges shouldn't hamper the good kind of travel.

Guest blogger Adam Isaacson also has an excellent post on the 12 presidential elections in 12 months that may reshape Latin America. The latest meme, repeated by even the well-intentioned liberals on PBS, is that the anti-capitalist, anti-American left is rapidly gaining ground at the polls in Latin America. Isaacson shows why this analysis is superficial at best.

It's also worth pointing out how informative and insightful Isaacson's analysis is, given that we seem to have some very profound disagreements about the character and legacy of American intervention in the Western Hemisphere. But this difference is really Democracy Arsenal's strength. It is site that consistently provides high-quality analysis that can inform even those who disagree about fundamental issues.

Now, if you're a firm conservative, don't head over to DA expecting to agree with every post or even to find posts that are always polite and conscientious. The folks at DA are on a side and want it to win. But they haven't closed their minds.
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You ought to be reading Isacson's regular blog, Plan Colombia and Beyond.
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