Monday, January 09, 2006

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FRONT PAGE PROFILE OF ALITO: This morning, the WaPo ran part two of a three-part Alito biography. It struck me as being very positive, almost a brief for confirmation.
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The WaPo piece on Alito is not quite as favorable as some readers might think, because Brad Reynolds is a long time liberal bete noire. To be praised by Reynolds is to be bitterly damned, in their book. I do think the WaPo is making an effort to be nicer to the Bush administration, however, and Alito is clearly not Machiavelli. In fact, he strikes me as the epitome of a good honest judge, and not as dull as he looks. He is very careful, like your tennis opponent who seems to have an hour to study the ball before he hits it. The Democrats on the Judiciary committee seem to be just going through the motions, with no expectation whatever of defeating him. This was a superb appointment.
Well, almost as good as Harriet Meyers.
Even more telling of Alito's performance yesterday is a NYTimes headline summing up yesterday's hearing: Judge Alito Proves a Powerful Match for Senate Questioners. Coming from a paper that editorialized against his confirmation, that seems to be an indication he's doing well.
Well, it just means that Democrats aren't working hard enough.

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