Thursday, January 05, 2006

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A THATCHER IN CANADA? Torontonian Michael Stickings explains why even if the Conservatives win the upcoming elections, Canada will remain anything but a conservative country.
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Link goes to the Anderson TNR piece.
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One thing that I've noticed is that Canadian Conservatives have been vilified to a great extent, very similarly to the way that US conservatives used to be. The same sort of scary language isn't used anymore in mainstream circles because US conservatives took power and we did not enter into a nuclear war, nor were the poor stacked like cordwood for removal to the cemetary by cart with cries of "bring out your dead" echoing through the projects.

The utter failure of these dire predictions to come true were significant in destroying the trust in the previous liberal consensus for a new small but significant portion of the voting public every time the predictions were exposed as fraud. The people realized they had been lied to and were never so easy to fool again. I suspect that a Canada that thrived under a Conservative government would be similarly enlightened.
@TM Lutas

I question the idea that conservative government in the United States has been as benign as you suggest. The public finances have gone from a sound footing to a horrible one, with a massive triple deficit. An illegal war was launched, at the cost of many American and Iraqi lives. We've seen the fundamental freedoms of the American people curtailed in the name of fighting terrorism and we've seen American moral ideals tarnished and disregarded.

Were people fearful of Conservative takeover wrong to be?
Milan, I think you are guilty of understating just how bad conservatives are at economics. Go sit in the corner.


National debt declines from Truman through Carter, increases massively with Reagan and Bush, decreases substantially with Clinton and increases massively again with W.

Conservatives aren't.
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