Tuesday, January 03, 2006

# Posted 9:06 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

TOO SEXY FOR HIS BLOG? If you are a sensitive new age liberal guy, then you shouldn't have a recent issue of Playboy prominently displayed in your home. Unless, of course, you are Matt Yglesias.

As I saw with my own eyes in Casa Yglesias, the cover of the October issue was prominently displayed on one of the bookcases, along with a page from inside the magazine that lists Matt as the top liberal blogger in America. [No link, although I'm sure you were hoping for one.]

I would've let this pass if not for the fact that on New Year's Eve, as I was browsing a copy of New York Magazine, I once again came across the signature stubble and thick black spectacles that announce Matt's presence. This time, he was listed as someone who may be "justly famous by 2010". Remember that in 2010, Matt still won't be thirty years old. Pretty crazy, huh? And to Matt, congratulaions.
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Id go to a PAC-10 school...
I do go to a PAC-10 school.
Reason has a scan of the article here (worksafe).
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