Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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ANOTHER OX-BLOGGER: Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo, a New Brunswegian Rhodes Scholar, has just started up a blog about Canadian politics. His first post takes a closer look at Stephen Harper's new cabinet.

In addition, St. Catherine's College has put up a list of Oxford blogs. And in case you were curious, no, OxBlog was not the first blog at Oxford nor even the longest-running of the currently active blogs.

I don't know who was first or who is oldest, but I do know that Chris Brooke, a professor at Magdalen College, has been blogging away since May 2001. The first substantive post on Chris' site cautiously welcomed the idea of setting up a Radical Society at Oxford to promote anti-capitalist thinking. After all, where else would such a Society be more at home?
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Some Oxford bloggers have been gathering at irregular intervals at the Turf Tavern. The next such gathering:

New Oxbloggers' Meeting date: Tuesday, February 21st. 8:00pm. The Turf Tavern.

A description of the last one
David Oxblog is getting rather boring.
welcome. glad to have more canadian-oxford voices in the mix!
Serious question: do you genuinely see no intellectual value at all in exploring post-capitalist and anti-capitalist possibilities informally within a university setting?
This one just got a mention in the NYT
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