Thursday, February 02, 2006

# Posted 7:22 AM by Patrick Belton  

THE WEST BANK NEEDS MORE INTERNET POINTS: And betterspacebarstoo. While OxBlog sorts out technological aspects of its coverage, OxBlog perennial favourite TGA takes on the Iranian nuclear row.
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And, as usual, TGA's wrong. Coercive bombing is ineffective as a tool of regime change? If you believe that, I have a (destroyed) bridge in Belgrade to sell you....
Are you seriously comparing Serbia to Iran? If so, I have a lot more than a bridge to sell you...
You know Patrick, that does seem to be the problem, doesn't it. I mean, if they had more computer linkups, better space bars, or heaven forbid more McDonalds it would mean that people would be willing to invest there. They'd be confident the place was stable enough to provide a return. And if that were the case, you probably wouldn't be there because it'd be like blogging downtown Peoria, Illinois on a Sunday afternoon.
I love the "rush to war" comment about Iraq. Twelve years of "no-fly zone" interdiction, IAEA and UN inspections being defied, votes in Congress, dubbing around by the Clinton regime, numerous terrorist attacks with thousands of victims hailed as victories by Saddam. How deep in the sand are the heads of the Guardianistas?
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