Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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BACK AT YA: A great line from Don Winslow, California novelist, military historian, adventurer, film producer, director and wit:
Goddamn Billy, whose sitting there smoking on a cig like there aren't ten WE THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING signs in the room (To which Goddamn Billy's standard response is, "Well, now they don't have to thank me.")
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Dear enormo,

I assume that Mr. Winslow - or you, his capacious disciple - meant to say 'who's sitting there', i.e. 'who is sitting there', rather than 'whose sitting' etc., for 'whose' is the (unfortunate) genitive of the relative pronoun, and thus nonsensical in this context.

Damn classicists. Hope you're well, RM. Got the copy-edited MS of my book the other day; not sure if this is the place to give out that kind of information, so apologies to all if it isn't, but you seem no longer to be posting on your Red Mist 'blog.
Just guessing billy will be leaving us shortly!
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