Saturday, March 04, 2006

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BUSH NOT THE ONLY TOURIST VISITING INDIA: Alastair Cook bats a century for England in his debut Test. See BBC Sport and Cricket365.com for the innings-to-innings coverage of what looks set to be some splendid cricket.
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You are Irish, what do you care about cricket????

Six Nations I would expect, but not English test matches!

PS: I am American, why do I know about either one!
We've now caught up with our former colonials in curries and cricket, IT is next!
In honour of the (Winter) Olympics: Cricket appeared at one Olympic Games, at Paris in 1900. Olympic cricket lasted only two days and Great Britain is the current Olympic champion.
I highly recommend the Guardian over-by-over commentary for something a little more humorous. And Radio 4 long wave for something that won't distract you when you should be finishing your thesis!
Any recommendations for someone who'd like to see if they'd enjoy circket w/o having to initially watch a full match (or whatever it's called in cricket)? DVD recommendations especially wanted.

it is a forum based website that offers downloads of sports aussies love.

YOu can download 20 minute highlight videos of almost every major cricket match.
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