Sunday, March 26, 2006

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A CLOUD OF DUST ON THE HORIZON: Is what I'll be for a day or two. I'm giving a seminar in the UK then enjoying my belated honeymoon and sister's wedding in Oz. By the time I land in Oz, I will have read substantial amounts of Cobra II, which analyses the US-led campaign in Iraq and the aftermath, using intelligence documents and classified material. I will post some thoughts on it from downunder. One of its central themes is the missed opportunity to forestall a prolonged insurgency in Iraq, and that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld retained their skepticism about prolonged nation-building until very late. Stay tuned.
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So, I click on the Amazon link provided for "Cobra II," and, scrolling through reviews, I find this:

“A fascinating account of the war. I recommend it to my friends as something that gives them a different element of some of the key decisions that were made.”
—Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense

Well, I guess as a former Secretary of Defense, Cheney is in a position to understand the pressures that key decision makers must have been under....
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