Saturday, March 11, 2006

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DISARMING CARTOONISTS?: Ronald Dworkin puts the case for derision:

Laws and policies are not legitimate unless they have been adopted through a democratic process, and a process is not democratic if government has prevented anyone from expressing his convictions about what those laws and policies should be.
Ridicule is a distinct kind of expression; its substance cannot be repackaged in a less offensive rhetorical form without expressing something very different from what was intended. That is why cartoons and other forms of ridicule have for centuries, even when illegal, been among the most important weapons of both noble and wicked political movements.
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Really very interesting to hear Dworkin's reasoning. Thanks for posting that.
The cartoons are starting to bite. Ridicule of the Islamic reaction is taking hold. Once ridicule sets in, any laws enacted to stop the process will be seen as punative. The EU parliament could face a backlash. We might even see some parliamentarians with backbone (I know they have no real power but the noise will sound good.)
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