Sunday, March 12, 2006

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ENGLAND IN CRICKET. BUT IRELAND IN RUGBY. We've always been a moderate blog.

The visitors put in a very sporting show, but our lads expanded on a 12-9 lead at the half interval to finish at 15-9. This on a somewhat tricky pitch just after a downpour, and against really a quite strong Scottish defence (q.v. sterling efforts by Jason White, Gavin Kerr and Marcus di Rollo). Assuming England hold off the besodded French today at the Stade de France, then it sets the stage for a Irish championship- and Triple Crown- bid hanging on an Ireland-England fixture just before St Patrick's Day.

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Or Eng-rr-land could always lose at Stade de France by 31-6. Sigh.

So, the Welsh lads now have to hold off France in Cardiff, while in a pan-Celtic effort we fend off the Sasanaigh.

Both are quite possible. Wales played well in a scrappy home fixture against Italy. Whereas England are showing well the national practice of inventing brilliant games they then make a mash at playing.
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