Thursday, March 09, 2006

# Posted 7:38 PM by Patrick Porter  

FREE SPEECH V NICE SPEECH: Its little wonder that the British government and liberal press grovel to avoid offending fanatics who are burning down embassies and offering bribes for murder. The authorities with their big sticks can't even deal with material that is far, far less confronting than the inflammatory Danish cartoons.

UK censors have just banned a Australian tourist advert from television. Their justification? It uses ribald language. It might be 'offensive.' Because, as we all know, the only public good is ensuring that people's feelings are not ruffled. I link to it here. But a warning: if you are a tender soul, don't click on the link. It might ruin your whole day. You'll never visit the sunburnt neanderthals down south for fear of their primitive language. What delicate times we live in.
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