Saturday, March 11, 2006

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MILOSEVIC IS DEAD: Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian leader who reinvented himself from communist to messianic nationalist, has been found dead in his prison cell. Hopefully his passing marks the end of ethno-religious persecution in the Balkans.
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That is incredibly naive.
It was a hope, not a prediction!
I suspect his conviction would have had a better chance of doing so, though it would still have been a long shot.

My take on his death.
How convenient for Tony Blair and Slick Willy that they won't have to "fail to appear" as witnesses against themselves and each other. The KLA with their direct Bin-Laden connection and a trumped-up war on their behalf by NATO...history would have had to be re-re-written. Your post was STUPENDOUSLY naive! Stick to the divertementi.
Hey Bryan,

It would have been naive if I had said that the end of Milosevic would end ethno-religious persecution. at the risk of repeating myself, I did no such thing. I simply hoped that the passing of the Butcher of the Balkans would symbolise the end of an era. I know its probably unlikely, however.

As for the so called 'trumped-up war', I'm confused as to your position. Are you saying that Serbian ethnic cleansing was not happening as NATO claimed, or that there was no compelling basis for intervention, or that the Kosovar civilians deserved what they got because the KLA had Bin Ladenist connections? As I recall it, the factuality of the atrocities against Kosovars was supported by several human rights organisations.

If you are buying any conspiracy theory that suits the extremist claims of Serbian nationalism, ie. that the atrocities of 1999 were a fabrication, or that Milosevic was murdered, I would be careful with words like 'naive.'
Meet the new ethnic cleansers, same as the old ethnic cleansers (except for nationality) - link here.
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