Thursday, March 30, 2006

# Posted 2:14 PM by Patrick Porter  

MINISTER FOR DIVERSITY: In the job market, being endlessly asked about my gender, ethnicity and physical capabilities is rather tiresome. And sometimes just slightly creeply. I just received this email, with its rather Orwellian sounding references:

Because [this institution] is an equal opportunity/affirmative actionemployer, we offer our applicants the opportunity to identify themselves by gender and/or ethnicity to the university's Dean for Institutional Diversity.
Those who fail to take this opportunity will be found out eventually. Our investigative system is perfect. All correspondence can be addressed to Room 101.
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Sorry to disappoint, but there are NO consequences for failing to turn these forms in.
What "physical capabilities" have they been asking about? How many pints you can drink? How many sheep you can shag?

Exactly what kind of jobs are you applying for?
"Room 101"? Isn't that where they...Aaarrgh!!!!!
So are they an equal opportunity employer, or are they an affirmative action employer?
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