Thursday, March 09, 2006

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OUTSOURCING LAUGHLINE OF THE DAY: 'I quit calling Dell’s helpline for technical support, but I still call them when I need a curry recipe.' (Commenter on ScrappleFace)
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Ok, maybe I am being over sensitive. But how is this funny? I am assuming that according to the commentator there is a correlation between the poor service and the curry, which borders on being racist. particularly given that dell has notorious service, not just on the phone, but everywhere. there are lots of funny stories one can recount about dell's poor service, why is the 'curry recipe' bit deemed funny i fail to understand.
I think it was just a joke about outsourcing, Sanjay. No intention there probably to blame Dell's bad customer service on it, just finding humor in the fact the phone's being picked up in India.
There's nothing funny about it. I recently called concerning a problem and I could not understand a word the person on the other end said. It's then I realized that it may be a strategy to frustrate you into giving up completely. That should effectively reduce their call volume and costs.
Last commentor: I think that's likely all call centres' strategy, not just ones in Bangalore: annoy the callers into giving up and crawling back sadly to cuddle their broken laptops in an embryonic position on their floors.
Hey, made me laugh. Maybe I am being over sensitive, but I'm not sure exactly how you get to 'racist' from 'I lack an ability to laugh at anything vaguely touching on my corner of the world.'
Why does everybody always feel so good attacking Dell, and their customer service.
I believe they are still number one in the ratings.
I've been a Dell user since early '98, and have never had any problem whatsoever with the product or the customer service.
In fact, as I was thanking the last Dell Customer Service rep for her assistance, I asked her, due to accent, what part of India was she in? Her facetious reply was "the Brooklyn part". I told her I hoped my call was being recorded as they could use it for training new hires in what they should be doing.
Now, the banking/credit card/local utility call centers could learn a lesson here. The huge number of affirmative action employees in these industries who can't speak understandable English is beyond counting.
I've never contacted Dell, but I've gotten superb service from call centers in South Asia when calling with regard to Microsoft and Linksys products.

I'd even go so far to say that the level of service was far more impressive than anything I've gotten from an American call center (not including phone sex). ;)

Finally, the operators' English was superb. By British standards, it was better than my own.
Citibank switched its call centers (at least, the ones I end up calling) to India a few years ago. Customer service went up dramatically. Not only are the people I've reached in India friendly and polite, but they have actually solved my (not very complex) problems, and time spent on hold is down to peanuts.

Compare this with the folks who work in Citibank's Hyde Park and Dupont branch offices: I have seen grown men reduced to tears of frustration and adult temper tantrums that certainly looked justified.
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