Friday, March 10, 2006

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: '"It does feel a bit disproportionate to me and indeed... I thought we were being encouraged to drop litter in litter baskets.' Lord Falconer, on a Leicestershire man being fined £50 for binning domestic rubbish in a street litter bin.
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The street litter bins are for street litter. Householders and businesses should dispose of their own trash at their own expense, not unload it on the public. Here in the States, it's not uncommon to see bins with the lids chained down to stop free(un)loaders. Also, street litter bins are limited in capacity. When some yahoo fills one up with his household trash, there's no room for street litter, and the bins overflow and spill. 50 quid? I'd make it a hundred.
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