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RADICAL ISLAM AIN'T DAVID: And there I was thinking that Bush and Blair were supposed to be the simplistic ones. In the wake of the Danish cartoon row, where satirical cartoons of Islam have resulted in a worldwide backlash, commentator Gary Younge of the British Guardian argues that people who laugh at Islam are mocking the powerless:

those who choose Goliath's corner cannot then claim underdog status once David gets out his slingshot... like anyone else who engages in antisocial behaviour, once they act on those impulses they must live with the consequences of those actions.

But who is David, who is Goliath? It is truly perverse to present the violent segments of Islam as synonymous with the powerless and the wretched of the earth. I still recall a super wealthy mastermind carrying out the murder of thousands of unarmed civilians in two towers about twenty minutes from here.

And speaking of Goliath, actually in this case Goliath's cartoons were not meant for a worldwide audience. They were picked up, embellished and hawked around by a couple of clerics deliberately to incite their co-religionists, whose rage was intentionally encouraged by the Syrian government, for whom the management and diversion of Moslem anger is a convenient political tactic.

In their latest campaign of incitement to murder, actual murder, vandalism, rioting and calls for jihad, Moslem extremists have tallied the following threats and victims: Pakistani cleric Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi announced a $1,000,000 bounty for the killing of the cartoonist who drew the drawings; sixteen people were killed in Nigeria when mobs attacked churches and businesses; a Roman Catholic priest was murdered in Turkey; embassies which are supposed to be centres of diplomatic immunity have been burnt down. A car bomb in Iraq killed 13-year-old Christian worshipper Fadi Raad Elias.

A million dollars? Quite a lot of money for a victimised weakling to suborn the murder of Danish doodlers. Roman Catholic Priest? Less than 4% of Turkey's population are Christian. Car bomb in Iraq? Hard to see how Fadi should have been blamed. Still, according to Younge, they had it coming, those filthy overdogs.

We live in a world where religious people of many faiths commit aggressions against each other and against those outside their faith. To represent current affairs only as a story of western aggression and Moslem victimhood insults the intelligence.

In recent years, extremist Islamists have perverted their faith by carrying out the following crimes. I invite you to consider in each case who was the stronger predator, and who was the weaker victim: Coptic Christian churches burnt down in Egypt; the head of the Anglican communion in Iraq murdered; Christian schoolgirls beheaded in Asia; non-Muslim Africans being murdered by Janjaweed killers in the Darfur genocide; striking busdrivers in Tehran being arrested, beaten and tortured, sometimes in front of their families on the orders of the Islamic Council; the subjugation of women in general; the atrocities committed by a Moslem Indonesian militia in 1999 against Roman Catholic East Timorese who voted for independence. And there are the weak people who have been targeted in the sermons of clerics. Gay people, who aren't overly empowered in places like Iran, are executed there for their sexuality.

Its funny how Younge's laundry list of victims are only victims of western policies. To admit that there were also marginalised and terrorised weak people cowering from Islamists would be to admit that his victimology is flawed. The biggest lie encased in Younge's argument is his presentation of Islam as a monolithic body, focusing its retaliation against the great western predator. Many of the victims of Moslem extremists have themselves been other Moslems. This was eloquently displayed in the attacks on the mosque in Baghdad, and the Golden dome of the Askariya shrine in Samarra.

The best thing you can say about Younge's article is that it reflects a childish desire to portray terrorists as spokesmen for the world's underclass. What more charitable explanation can one give, for those who rage against insensitive cartoons but wink at the blasphemy of murder?
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How about Tali Hatuel and her four daughters ages 2-11?

I don't think that any religion champions the poor more than any other religion.
The Mulsims have been killing Christians in Indonesia for years. It is only recently that these killing, and all the others around the world, are being highlighted.

It is interesting that the problems in the Balkans were talked up as Serb (Christian) victimization of Muslims. When in fact the problems were a two way street.
Paul: as a Catholic I would have to say that we do champion for the poor more than any other religion. By far.

However, I agree that liberals (I am a liberal, but I do not feel this way) saying the west is the sole antagonist in the world is perhaps the most assinine idea in the world.

We express our liberty of speech in a few satirical cartoons and that is more atrocious than the slaughter of innocents?

We practice capitalism and that is supposed to explain the the rage and hatred and brain washed actions that cause two dozen people to want to fly jets into two buildings? Ridiculous.

A corpulent wallaby in America supports you. World Cups in '06 and '07 eh mate, what do you say?
world cup soccer final, Australia v England. you'd get good odds!
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