Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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A SHAME THE 9/11 COMMISSIONERS COULDN'T WRITE THIS WAY. Like most people, I enjoy reading secondary documents relating to the Kennedy assassination in the shower. Here's one (Report of the House Select Commission on Assassinations, p. 675):
All three men are shabbily dressed, befitting their apparent status as vagrants. Tramp A, however, is the better attired, wearing well-fitting jeans and a tweed-like sports jacket, although this, judged by 1963 styles, was several years out of date. Tramp B is wearing ill-fitting slacks and a double-breasted suit coat. Tramp C, from his battered fedora to his worn-out shoes, has managed to achieve a sartorial effect similar to what one would expect had he been fired from a cannon through a Salvation Army thrift shop.
May I note my claim to be the Tramp C of OxBlog. David and the Doctor can sort out the rest between themselves.
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I am going to nominate 'Sartorial' as the word least likely to be used by members of the present administration.
Personally, can I confess an unabashed admiration for 'misunderestimate', as really a useful term worthy of inclusion in the OED? I misunderestimate as many as two or three times a day, much more frequently for instance than I misoverestimate. Though I have lately been attempting to cut back somewhat on misunderestimation for Lent.
Incidentally, in a wonderful example of 'where are they now?', Kenneth Formet and the LaFontaines tracked down the three grassy knoll tramps. One's a police officer. They all generally seem to have fond memories of their moment of fame, as well as the warm shower.
The shame of modern fashion. Here these three, all tramps, nevertheless wear suit jackets and at least one fedora.

I occasionally long for the days when men wore hats (and no, I'm not bald), when even chimney sweeps wore a suit and tie.
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