Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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SOVEREIGNTY, THE SCOUNDREL'S LAST SHIELD: The BBC reports on demonstrations against US-led intervention in Sudan:

Although 10,000 United Nations troops are being deployed to southern and eastern Sudan, the prospect of a UN mission in the west is unacceptable to many Sudanese. Stirred up by violent rhetoric in Islamic newspapers, several thousands of people marched on the UN headquarters. Our correspondent says many believe their country's sovereignty is at stake, with the West eager to turn Sudan into another Iraq.
Too bad. As the Genocide Convention mandates, the Sudanese state has already forfeited its sovereignty by ordering its militias to conduct a campaign of ethnical cleansing and forced evacuation from Darfur, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing many more, with a media broadcasting ethnic hatred all along. Unlike the case in Iraq, where the legitimacy of intervention is strongly disputed, the case under international law for international intervention is rock solid.
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Agreed re Sudan. The evolving debate over the limits of sovereignty, however, extends far beyond, for better or worse, the Genocide Convention. Sudan is a clear case on many fronts. It is the murkier cases that are the most problematic for how the international community uses and recognizes the sovereign rights, and responsibilities, of states.
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