Monday, March 06, 2006

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THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: Thanks so much to Patrick and David for letting me join this site. And for the lavish praise. Which, lets be honest, we all enjoy.

A quick personal introduction. I'm not quite a 'Dr' yet. Even though I've survived the King Hell Road Trip that is the phd. In the erotic words of my university, I have to get 'permission to supplicate' before I can be called 'Dr.' My old man is a clergyman, which makes it statistically probable that I'm debauched. I like football, beer and books about war. My receding hairline is rallying. I've never driven a car. I swear too loudly in public and talk too loudly in restaurants. I have an unhealthy interest in Mossad, cheeseburgers and Batman when the cartoonists turned him into a dark vigilante.

When it comes to politics, I support bullfighting, gay marriage, low taxes, smoking in bars, the right to practice religion freely or wear headscarves, the right to insult or offend the religious, armed intervention in Darfur, the replacement of the U.N. by a league of democracies. Bullfighting is the core issue. I don't think communism was a good idea that went wrong. I think it was a bad idea. My political inspirations have been George Orwell, Lec Walesa, Vaclav Havel, John McCain, Henry 'Scoop' Jackson, Andrew Sullivan, Christopher Hitchens, Ronald Reagan (on some of the big issues) and Tony Blair in his more internationalist, less authoritarian moments. Pet hates: celebrity culture, crass Anti-Americanism, the overuse of the word 'fascist' to describe something you Don't Like, the instinct to ban things as a statist solution to problems.

Oh, and I'm married to a lovely Canadian lady, so this isn't a Singles ad.

Looking forward to lowering the tone, and breaking a few lances. Its great to be on board.
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How wonderful to have the Patricks in one ring. Sharpening the lance in gleeful anticipation...
Shut yer face, Taylor, we're getting you over here as a guest blogger :)
there really goes the neighbourhood!
Taylor what are your views on Pollack's position?
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