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TO INTERNATIONALISTS IN THE BIG APPLE: This coming Sunday afternoon, there will be a 'Call to action in Darfur' at the Museum of Jewish Heritage-A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. If you want to hear about more ways to participate in building consciousness about this calamity, activists, aid workers and others will be there. Representatives from Human Rights Watch, the Committee on Conscience (USHMM), the Genocide Intervention Network, and others, will be on hand throughout the day for an action fair in the Museum's education wing.

In a city like New York that has called for the solidarity of the world after its own tragedy for years ago, its fitting that it is hosting such an appeal. Come along!
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It's a little late isn't it?
no. people are still being killed, there is a slight chance we can stop more being killed if action is taken.
This is perhaps a topic for another time, perhaps in person in New York in a couple of weeks, but do you support a military intervention in either Northern Uganda or the Congo? Why or why not?
lets argue about it then. your views?
well, I actually don't think it would be an argument, seeing as how you feel so strongly about Darfur. The problem of course is that military intervention potentially has such significant human consequences (positive and negative), that we have to think very carefully about how, where and when we (and therein lies another problem) intervene. Re Congo, there is a pretty significant UN force in their now, mostly African troops, but there certainly wasn’t when most of the killing (of millions) was being done. The horrors in Northern Uganda continue though, with almost no western attention.
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Taylor, this may be a horrible idea, but why hasn't someone in the west just put a hit out on the jesus guy in Northern Uganda. You could raise money in church's, bars etc... and pay for the intervention on your own. The people who went to kill him would probably have to kill some of his child soilders, but if he were dead his "army" would probably go home and go back to school.

Re Congo, I think that the situation there is way beyond salvage. That is especially true if there are in fact people eating the Pygmey people to gain jungle prowess.
Mike, I had a professor once who advocated for a UN assassination squad for exactly these purposes, black helicopters and all. In all seriousness though, this is actually what is going to have to happen in Uganda, albeit hopefully by an international intervention force. The ICC has indicted Kony, and a couple of others, but has no means to enforce the charge as Musseveni won’t allow in foreign troops. This might actually be one of those rare cases where knocking off one or two people (Kony and several henchmen) might bring the whole thing (LRA) down.
Taylor, there already is a guy who is being funded by Evangelicals in the states who is trying to do exactly that. He was in the hells angels until he found god and moved to Africa. They destroyed one of his churches and killed the students, now he cruises around with Sudanese merc's looking for revenge.

I agree that it would be better if the U.N. were used, but if you have the right amount of money you might consider contacting Blackwater or other private contractors.
Adding to my last comment, although I am not suggesting that it should be done, but I bet you could raise enough money on the internet to kill that motherfucker and his top henchmen.
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