Friday, March 10, 2006

# Posted 11:56 AM by Patrick Belton  

YOU'VE NEVER MADE BLEGGING LOOK SO GOOD. So, thanks to very nice editors and travelling companions, it looks as though I'll be juggling a trip to the Afghan-Pakistan border together with a bit more time in Ramallah and perhaps Iraq. We've given you lots of good South Asia jokes on this blog. Remember Peccavi? Yes, the days. So now, the day has come when we ask you for a favour. So, if you're from Pakistan, work in Pakistan, work on Pakistan, have friends in Pakistan, have a place in Pakistan where you'd like to put up a cuddly, cute OxBlogger, have a sister/cousin/auntie-under-50 in Pakistan, then please do drop a note, I'd love to hear from you.

Call Bonasera - we need him now. - Godfather
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Aha, here's a question for our astute readership. Does anyone who's been recently happen to know if Pakistan still extends 30-day landing permits at the Karachi airport to tourists arriving without a consular visa? Burfi to the reader who can sate my quest for truth. And who likes burfi.
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