Tuesday, April 11, 2006

# Posted 1:00 AM by Patrick Porter  

GERMANY 2006: Looking forward to watching the Socceroos kick off at the World Cup in a few months. Should be a walkover. I mean, Brazil and other minnows will be a breeze.
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Well I just make reference to how wonderful it will be to have Australia play a three day series. :)
More seriously we prolly have at least a 30% chance of beating Japan and getting to the next round.
And a 0.1% chance of beating Brazil in a miraculous own-goal scenario.
Ronaldo looks tired. Kaka, bit out of form, Ronaldinho is showy but is he really THAT effective? Yeah, piece of cake for the Aussies! :)
Fique sonhando!
Either way, it's quite the accomplishment. Especially the matches against Uraguay. Hiddink has done a fine job I'd have to say. Not to mention Kewell and Viduka are in fine form these days. I haven't seen Kewell (full disclosure: I'm a huge Liverpool fan) play this well since he was with Leeds. That, I'll have to say is a spell. Now he's full of confidence and even scoring fine, world class goals! Good on ya!
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