Monday, April 24, 2006

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GIVE ME A BREAK: I know this is slightly out of date. But anyway.

In a survey back in November 2004, a majority of Britons were reported to believe that "there is much or some truth in the claim that the Bush administration knew in advance about the 11 September plot, but decided to let it go ahead so as to provide a justification for invading Afghanistan and Iraq."

We are asked to believe that the Bush Administration foresaw and tolerated an attack that targeted buildings containing his Secretary of Defence, his National Security Advisor, his Vice-President, and relatives of officials in the Administration.

Sometimes cynicism and suspicion can be as naive as gullability.

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A book was published regarding the September 11 attack, I do not remember the name, the book has raised many questions but there is no active response from Government.A article regarding this was published in Vikadan couple of months back.
surely its more about ignorance?
Not to mention potentially destabilizing the US economy through the WTC attack. If the government were willing to manufacture public outrage, they could have done it with far less risk and damage.

You're absolutely right that "cynicism and suspicion can be as naive as gullability." In fact, it's often merely mean-spirited simple mindedness.
If you were informed by the BBC, the Guardian and the Daily Mirror, you would have some very odd notions, too.
"Naive cynicism" is very common nowadays. To believe the worst of people seems knowing, even when it is ignorant and simplistic. The social critic is useful, but the relentless negativism of intellectual culture has made cynicism the default, and thus the position of the ignorant - and naive. Cynics can be gullible, too. The victim of a Nigerian-type fraud must first believe there is vast ill-gotten wealth out there for him to sneak a piece of.
I wonder, how much of that number, if any, is a reflection of unhappiness resulting from Briton's government going to war in Iraq against their opinion?
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