Saturday, April 22, 2006

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GRACE UNDER PRESSURE: I had breakfast this morning with a new mate of mine, who used to work in a Subway restaurant.

One day the store got held up. At gunpoint, and having handed over the cash, my mate asked 'So would you like a sandwich as well?'

So, open thread: true stories from Oxblog readers about 'grace under pressure'
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When I was 17, I got caught gambling at Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. I had won $20 in a slot machine and was walking around the casino when a man in a red jacket caught me.

The man called his supervisor. That guy called his supervisor. Each subsequent supervisor was wearing a different colored jacket. They found my mom on the blackjack tables and took my mom and I into the back room to try my case in front of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

They took my picture and searched me for weapons in front of my mom. I asked in response, "Do you want to search my mom too?"

The supervisor yelled back, "Don't get funny with me boy. I could throw you in prison. Don't get funny with me."

Eventually, I had to sign a trespassing paper indicating that I was banned for life from Bellagio, Golden Nugget, and the rest of their properties. I eventually appealed the ban after I turned 21.
It's not about "Grace under pressure" but --

I reacently discovered the wondrous "Best of" feature on "craigslist." I stumbled across a lovely little item entitled

"re: Rant - Subway: A "Sandwich Artist's" response."

I would be fascinated to hear your friend's take on it.....
Reading that made me remember again why I hated Subway I liked Quiznos (other than the fact that Quiznos tastes better, Subway is staffed with incompetent prats). Except for your friend Patrick. He's cool.
seriously, is patrick belton still writing for Oxblog or has he been replaced by patrick porter?
My favourite for all time would have to be the pilot of a British Airways flight over Indonesia in 1982. The aircraft flew into a plume from a volcanic eruption at 37,000 feet during the night. While over the Pacific Ocean, all engines failed and the windshield lost transparency because of pitting from the volcanic ash. The first engine was restarted at 12,000 feet, followed by the other three and the plane landed safely at Jakarta.

It was reported here (Australia) that the captain advised the passengers as the plane plummetted that the plane was experiencing a spot of bother. Then sorted it out.
Dear all,

great stuff. Nitin, that rings very true given my gambling mates' stories. Sanjay, I suspect my friend will guffaw at that one. Jacob, I couldn't agree more. Ros, that makes me proud. And anonymous, I haven't, and never will, replace Patrick Belton. He is irreplaceable, and is still blogging with us. He's busy surviving his own adventures in Asia, but I'll let him fill you in on the details...
I tried to buy a ticket at the Del Mar race track at the age of 13, when the legal mimimum age was 21. The ticket-seller was very kindly when he pushed my money back at me. He said, "Don't worry, kid, you'll get older."
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