Friday, April 28, 2006

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THE NAKED ALLY: Ok, this is still my favourite Winston Churchill story:
During World War II, Winston Churchill was visiting Franklin Roosevelt at the White House. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair and without knocking he whipped into Churchill’s guest room. The Prime Minister had just exited the shower and he was nude. Embarrassed., Roosevelt uttered, "My dear Winston, I’m so sorry!”

Churchill quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his large frame. Then he looked at the President and smiled as he said, 'Franklin, the Prime Minister of England has nothing to hide'
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Reagan enjoyed telling this Winston Churchill story

Churchill stops by a men’s room where he encounters Labourite Clement Attlee, the man who replaced him as Prime Minister after WWII.

When Attlee took the next urinal, Churchill moved a few places away.

"My, my, Winston," Attlee said. "Are we being modest?"

Churchill replied: "Not at all, Clement. It’s just that whenever you Labourite chaps see something that is large, privately owned and working well, you want to nationalize it."
In his underground bunker at Whitehall during the war, Churchill was locked in the loo passing a motion when his secretary knocked on the door: "Sir, the Lord Privy Seal is here and wishes to see you". A long silence ensued, then:"Would you inform his lordship that the Prime Minister is sealed in the privy and can deal with only one s--t at a time!"
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It would seem you have a fan Mr. Porter.
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Interesting review of several recent books on Churchill in the current Harper's (May 2006: 86ff.). Tag-line on the cover: "Rescuing Churchill from the Neocons".
In an editor's note in The Oxford Book of British Political Anecdotes, Paul Johnson wrote that "Churchill contrived to meet nearly all the great wartime leaders while bathing himself, Stalin being the only notable exception."
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