Thursday, April 06, 2006

# Posted 5:37 AM by Patrick Porter  

RUDE READERS: One of the things I love about blogging is the cut and thrust of the 'comments' section. I welcome criticism and argument, and would almost never ever delete someone's comment, unless they questioned bullfighting.

But from now on I have a new rule: I don't talk to rude people. That is, people who comment with a snide, spiteful tone. Especially those who cower behind their anonymity to do so. Example: 'well, that wasn't a very intelligent thing to say, was it, hmmm, eh, you aren't a very impressive person and you wouldn't want to be accused of being unsophisticated, eh, hmmm?'

For those full-time 'trolls' who like to prowl the internet looking for bloggers to patronise, I promise you that I won't censor you out of existence. But you will be ignored. And icily at that.
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There's an obvious coordination problem here, but I hope your solution proves successful.
What unmitigated piffle!!
But some of the contributors to this site also write in a rather 'knockabout' style....
LOL u r teh 0x0r!!!!1111
You shouldn't expect us to agree with you.
Responding to rudeness taxes one's energy and the offers the perp some relief from his/her sense of nonentity...
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