Friday, April 28, 2006

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SCIENCE'S DEBT TO AN INSENSITIVE LOVER: Millions would prefer a cigar, but
Not for Antoni van Leeuwenhoek the post-coital cigarette that day in 1677. No sooner had he finished making love to his wife Cornelia than he was up at his home-made microscope, discovering in his semen a “vast number of living animalcules”, little wriggling creatures with rounded bodies and long, vigorous tails. The Dutch draper and microscopist had confirmed, for the first time, the existence of spermatozoa.
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Which raises the question of precisely where this sample landed, facilitating Mr. Van Leeuwenhoek's effort to collect it and place it on a slide.

Adesnik you vulgarian.
The phallic symbolism of the cigar has not escaped notice.
So exactly who, in this arrangement, prefers the cigar?
Thanks guys, made my night ;)

(As a development nut, I'll probably be adding that book to the fun summer reading pile...)
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