Thursday, April 27, 2006

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VETOING ACTION IN DARFUR: Why the UN Security Council won't authorise a properly equipped, capable force for intervention in Darfur:
Sudan is lobbying the Security Council to block a U.N. force. China, which buys Sudanese oil, is opposed, as are Russia and Qatar, the current Arab representative on the council. Arab solidarity apparently trumps the protection of African Muslims.

Very sad.
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Don't forget Europe. This isn't all about China and Russia.
I did note that five Congressmen got arrested today. No, they weren't Republicans caught up in the Abramoff scandal. They were Democrats protesting Sudan's ongoing genocide in Darfur.
We will probably see even more dem's arrested, no not from abromoff or corruption, after the Durbin/Rockefeller leak investigation is finished.
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