Sunday, May 07, 2006

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THE GOLDEN BOY AND THE ANIMAL: Last night on a gigantic screen I joined a baying crowd to see a surprisingly one-sided boxing clash. The well-mannered Oscar De La Hoya overpowered the foul-mouthed 'animal' Ricardo Mayorga.

The animal had taunted the 'goldenboy' for weeks, threatening to displace his retina, stop his heart, and seduce his wife, and questioned the sexuality of his opponent (Mayorga said it more colourfully than that). The social class factor was certainly overplayed - it was billed as a real rough v. respectable contest. The animal had grown up in gangland, apparently.

Anyway, De La Hoya pummelled him mercilessly. Mayorga's roughhouse, wild-lunging tactics had no answer. Had the animal been without the protection of a steel jaw, the thorough defeat would have reminded me of the boxer's proud mum in Monty Python:
Oh he was such a pretty baby, always so kind and gentle. He was really considerate to his mother, and not at all the kind of person you'd expect to pulverize their opponent into a bloody mass of flesh and raw bone, spitting teeth and fragments of gum into a ring which had become one man's hell and Ken's glory.
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Bear in mind that De La Hoya grew up in East Los Angeles, not exactly reputable as being a safe and upper-middle-class neighborhood. Plenty of gangs and other hoodlum types are situated there, and though Mayorga's "gangland" hometown is one situated in a developing country (Nicaragua), based on my experiences, East and South Central Los Angeles isn't that much better. So class differences (at least in the sense of how the fighters are brought up; de la Hoya certainly is in a much better financial situation now, and probably lives in a different area) are not as large as it seems
that's why I said the class element was 'overplayed' in the prematch hype
Porter, you still watch boxing?!?

Check out UFC at 9:00 ET next thursday, it's ten times better. (and yes there are rules now)
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