Thursday, May 11, 2006

# Posted 9:36 AM by Patrick Porter  

GOOGLE TRENDS: Hours of fun (hat-tip, Andrew Sullivan). Google Trends enables you to track which parts of the world search for a certain word the most intensively.

First results: the word 'martyr' is most commonly sought in Omaha, USA (by quite a long way, incidentally).

Canadians are apparently the most inquisitive about 'Stalin', who is googled most intensely in Edmonton and Calgary.

But the most encouraging results were the number of searches for 'porn.' Australian cities capture 3 of the top 10 in the world. Brits win the first two spots, all that pent-up sexuality in Manchester and Birmingham.

Aucklanders sneak in at fourth. Long cold nights.

And the poor USA superhyperunipolarpower is represented only by Chicago at fifth.

But, if searches for porn are an index of a dynamic and liberated power, Americans should notice the rise of India, where Dehli at number 6 is a citadel of sexual curiosity.

Of course, this is just the 'cities' search engine. I suspect the results would vary interestingly if we factor in 'region', drawing rural areas into the vortex.

In the meantime, Martyr, Stalin, Porn. I need a shrink.

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I wonder what is going on in Omaha...home of StratCom.

Lots of people in Omaha pass by where the Murrah Federal Building used to be, I would think.
The Murah building was in Oklahoma City, as close to Omaha as Atlanta is to Tampa.

Islamic countries have 7 of the top 10 for 'sex', which is searched for the most in Arabic (English is #8).
Personally, I wonder what kind of person searches for porn by Googling the word 'porn.'
Speaking of Chicago and porn, didn't they have to pass a law to prevent people from watching porn while they were driving?

Anyway, you would probably be looking for porn also if all the women around you were dressed like ninja's and faced a stoning for sexual activity.
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