Wednesday, May 17, 2006

# Posted 4:58 PM by Patrick Porter  

HOMAGE TO CATALONIA: Barcelona have just lifted the trophy in the pyrotechnic sound and light show that is the Champions League ceremony.

I know at least two hearts that will be broken by this. Commiserations, boys.
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A friendly request: please bear in my mind that some of us were recording the game to watch when we got home . . .

As for me, they are my two favorite teams in Europe. No way I could lose.
sorry mate! I once tried the same thing, taping a game whilst at work, and someone put the radio on and spoilt it.

enjoy the replay.
Is this cricket or soccer/football? I'm pretty sure cricket doesn't have goalies, but I'm just as sure that I don't understand a damned thing in any of your posts, leading me to believe that it is, indeed, cricket.
and what about commiserations, girls? hmmm?
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