Tuesday, May 02, 2006

# Posted 9:05 AM by Patrick Porter  

JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN EVERYTHING! A militant Islamist would have to be theologically nimble to reconcile this with his faith (hat-tip, Erudito):

So how does a pious Islamic extremist and potential terrorist pass the time? He watches hardcore porn. Investigators found that at least one of two Islamic extremist planning an attack on the US from Canada was in possession of hardcore pornography.
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Patrick, love, you've got such a dirty little mind -- and now a new froggie friend.
Kind of falls in line with the story of the 9/11 hijackers spending time at a strip club.

Maybe it's motivated by the believe that sacrificing oneself is so faithfull an act that such indescretions will be overlooked. Sort of like the Christian variant of a life of sin, followed by a death bed repentance (I think there was a line in The Simpsons to that effect.)
If a mercenary gets paid to fight, he usually gets an advance on his salary before the battle.

If terrorists expect to receive 72 virgins in paradise, surely they are entitled to a bit of an advance as well?
Does the advance theory suggest that watching porno stars having sex is equivalent in some way to experiencing the act itself with a virgin?
all men are equal no matter your religion, creed, race or color....i.e. you all have two heads. In most instances, you think with one head over the other. So patrick, what is the fuss about going to paradise while you can still have the paradise on earth? Enjoy it when you can.
all men are the same no matter what religion, creed, race or color you belong to. You all have two heads. In most instances, you think with one head over the other. So what is the fuss about going to paradise while you can still have the paradise on earth? Enjoy it when you can.
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Interesting that Islamic porno google searches return OxBlog; not that I tried it myself--I did not! New marketing ploy OxBlog?? Kidding of course.

On a more serious note... Western culture, I think anyway, plays into the hands of guilt ridden Islamic extremists: the more guilt they have from attending strip clubs in Vegas (per reports about the 9/11 murders' life styles) the easier it is for them to perform tasks that would appease their conscious and their god. If you think about it, western society is probably the last phase --after attending the initial training camps in various states in the middle east-- of hardening an Islamic extremist to the point of carrying out the acts that will clear their conscious after having to live, and participate, in any number of western cultures; imagine having to live in Amsterdam and also praying five times a day; imagine the existential chaos that would cause in the mind of a would-be Islamic terrorist.
I think we're (other than s. singh who's far more eloquent than I), all too politely sidestepping the simple fact that, unfortunately, religious fundamentalism all too often has a direct correlation to sublimation.

Naturally, you're kidding yourself if you think there's not some backlash for trying to squash your lizard brain under your heel. When that backlash happens and you start beating your wife, paying hookers to jam you with an electric cattle prod, or buying hardcore porn - *GASP* - your fundamentalism has become an hypocrisy. So you become more fundamental. More extreme, to try to correct that fracture inside your skull.

And the world keeps on spinning 'round.

Let's not pretend it's any prettier than that.
maybe, alhaz. but its still an amusing contradiction, and still hard to reconcile it with puritanical faith.
Amusing of course Dr. Porter, for those of us that enjoy the delicious tase of irony. (Myself being one of those.) Unfortunately, as an amateur doomsayer looking from both current and historical perspectives, I'm more inclined to focus on the notion that vilification of the flesh has done excessive damage to both humanity's reality and its psyche, and that Puritanical credos are almost inextricably intertwined with deep-seated pyschological perversions of our own biology.
Well there is a more pornographic offer than 72 virgins? maybe 73...

Playboy is nothing compared to that...
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