Thursday, May 25, 2006

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NEW FRIENDS AND UPCOMING EVENTS: Yesterday I nosed about New York with my mate Richard Michaelis who is in town. He introduced me to a truly fascinating and friendly bloke, Najam Haider. Najam is doing his doctorate at Princeton and is a medieval historian.

In the cool breeze outside the small bar, the talk ranged from the Ottomans to petro-politics, from love to war. I learnt a lot in a few hours. We didn't see eye to eye on all questions, and he listened patiently to my garbled views. In these truly politicised times, its nice to see that high-voltage dialogue and civility can go hand in hand.

Anyway, he will be interviewing none other than Noam Chomsky as part of the Shia-Sunni Speakers Panel at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, on 3 June. Here's the flyer.

Chomsky's views on America's role in the world often don't convince me. To say the least. But it'll be interesting to hear the man in the flesh. And you never know who might turn up.
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It might be fun to listen to him, but not $20 fun (or $40 fun if I bring a date).

Why do anti-capitalists always have such an inflated view of the value of their services?
because people pay up, I suspect
Actually, Chomsky spoke for free. His usual fee is 10K. The charge covered venue rental, travel and event costs.
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