Monday, May 15, 2006

# Posted 8:58 AM by Patrick Porter  

THERE HE GOES AGAIN: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called the United States the "most savage, cruel and murderous empire that has existed in the history of the world."

Worse than the Reich, eh?

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In a changing world it is comforting to see some things (the Big Lie, for example) remain ever the same.
And funnily enough, Donald Rumsfeld has remarked of Chavez : "Yes he was democratically elected. Just like Hitler was".

Politicians, eh??? Hyperbole is their middle name.
It's a common enough technique of argument these days to claim that whatever one is passionate about is the most or least or best or worst whatever in forever.

Works for politics, sports, music, movies, recipes...wonderfully wide applicability. In fact, I think it's the most common rhetorical device ever in the history of all creation. See? So flexible, always handy when you need it.
Nobody is happier than Hugo Chávez when people pay attention to his bombast. Ignore his windiness.

What Niall said, BTW.
I'm happy when you pay attention to my bombast, Randy!

miserable rainy day in NYC, huh?


It's so awful out there today. I wouldn't mind it if it were happening next month as I plan to be cooped up watching the World Cup.
Chavez must be good for his country. He is looking to revise the constitution so he can govern for 25 years.

This must be why the liberals keep going down there to see how he does things.
For a comparison of then and now view the slides at therealcuba web site.

Has anyone notices that leftist moonbats are getting a bit more press: Chomsky with Hamas, Livingston with Chavez (although Livinsgton does appear to get a lot of press). I am sure you have more examples.

Does the left sense a new rising of the Marxist/Maoist utopia.

Or are they, especially in the Americans case, just sucking up to anyone who would seek to hurt the US and its interests.
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