Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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TOLERANCE AT THE NEW SCHOOL: (I agree with David's post below about the reception of McCain's speech at the New School. Just want to throw in my extra two cents worth)

Student speaker Jean Rohe claims that at the New School:
We've gotten very good at listening to the views of others
Apparently not. As McCain spoke at the graduation ceremony
jeers, boos and insults flew, as caustic as any that angry New Yorkers have hurled inside Madison Square Garden.
When I heard Tony Benn speak last year at a big event, I disagreed with almost every word he said.

But I didn't try to shout him down. By internally formulating my own reasons for disagreement, it stimulated my own views. By reacting mentally to each thing he said, it helped to breath fresh life into my own little dissenting opinion.

As John Stuart Mill said of free speech, there is value in hearing opinion you believe to be false. Unless your own opinion is
vigorously and earnestly contested, it will, by most of those who receive it, be held in the manner of a prejudice, with little comprehension or feeling of its rational grounds.
So John McCain might have done his hostile audience a favour, if only they had listened. A missed opportunity to fortify their own world-view.

(Hat-tip for various articles, Taylor Owen)
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Those nutty students. It's almost as if they wanted to spend their graduation coming together as a class, celebrating their shared experiences, affirming their common values, honoring their achievements, and looking towards their futures and their place in the world, rather than each of them silently mulling over his or her own little dissenting opinion while listening to the opposing political views of a man in the early stages of his 2008 presidential campaign.
hey blar,

the speech by Mccain was quite wide-ranging and did reflect broadly on major life experiences. It was about national service, civil debate, as well as (gasp!) honouring people who serve in Iraq whether you agree with the war or not.

For example:

"We have our disagreements, we Americans. We contend regularly and enthusiastically over many questions: over the size and purposes of our government; over the social responsibilities we accept in accord with the dictates of our conscience and our faithfulness to the God we pray to; over our role in the world and how to defend our security interests and values in places where they are threatened.

These are important questions; worth arguing about. We should contend over them with one another. It is more than appropriate, it is necessary that even in times of crisis, especially in times of crisis, we fight among ourselves for the things we believe in. It is not just our right, but our civic and moral obligation."

If this kind of reconciliatory speech was considered inflammatory at the New School, then they have led sheltered lives.
Such a pity John McCain did not defeat Bush in the 2000 Republican nominations - he would have made a far better president.
hey Aron,

McCain I recall was a pretty dynamic candidate in 2000. He basically got outspent, though.

Speaking of which, your gal Hillary has amassed a sizeable war chest I see! I suspect she will win the nomination. thoughts?

Oh yes, Hillary will be nominated. Don't know how much of a fight it will be - but Dems would be CRAZY not to nominate her. I really think she will win the election too, with a surprising margin. Name recognition alone gives her a huge advantage. She is also immune to pretty much anything the Republicans throw at her because she's already been through the fire.

Murdoch also wants her to contest, as it's great for ratings. Whether he wants her to win is debatable - Mr M. tends simply to back the winning horse because it is winning. I think his power is a little overated in that regard.

I notice Dems mobilised a record vote at the 2004 election - arguably that voter base will be easier to harness than the republican one, which is fairly dissilusioned. I tend to think only McCain could defeat Hillary, but then he is very old! Who knows - it's so far way, anything can happen.
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