Wednesday, May 24, 2006

# Posted 11:06 AM by Patrick Porter  

UNDAUNTED? Australia's soccer coach Guus Hiddink says
his inexperienced side are not intimidated by the prospect of facing mighty Brazil in the group phase of the World Cup finals in Germany next month.
Our team may not be intimidated. Personally, I'm terrified.

UPDATE: Our boys done good. We've just defeated Greece, the European Champions, in Melbourne!
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After Mark Schwarzer's last performance I wonder if he'll use him as keeper.
Look at it this way- if we don't lose 8-0, it's a moral victory for Australia.

Me, I have high hopes; we can lose this one 8-1. Our defence might be shaky but our forwards are okay!
Look, it will be a miracle if Australia get into the second round. As an Australian I have no hopes up and I am not expecting it to happen. Personally I am hoping that England lose every game 10-0 and Sven-Goran Ericsson gets into a sex scandal with Wayne Rooney. Let's face it - it's more likely (and from an Australian perspective, it would be at least as enjoyable, too).
Hey Randy,

you could be right. but he's probably still our best keeper.
Scott: I agree
Michael: sex scandal? no comment!

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