Wednesday, June 21, 2006

# Posted 11:54 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

CAN DEMOCRATS WIN WITHOUT THE SOUTH? Kevin Drum hasn't made up his mind yet. My answer: definitely maybe.
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at the statewide level yes they can. It is once the--current--national party gets involved that i have some reservations.

May I point out that there were two just bad candidates in 00 and 04 for dems, one immediately gave up on the south (wonder why dems didnt carry a single southern state) and one just was bad.

Kerry's decision was assinine. It set southerners against the party for at least 5 years as it stands today.

However, one needs only look at AK, where Dems dominate. They don't insult the people, they run on platforms &c..

Besides what good is a party that does not try to win all 50 states?

Sorry, as a southerner, I get passionate once "liberal, elitist, north-easterners" such as Oxblog finally pay us some mind! ;D
The GOP has a better chance at winning over Black voters than do Democrats of Southerners. In other words: no.

With all due respect, what are you talking about?

The GOP has no shot of winning over black voters in the South.

Everything they have tried does not work. Dems just keep using thier same tactics and it moves black voters. And obviously you haven't visited many state conventions of the parties. Its a rather telling sign.

Yes the GOP is winning over some, as in a few percentage points, but that is hardly enough to
I'm with Ed on this one. No Democrat, who failed to win at least five Southern states, has ever been elected president of the United States.
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