Friday, June 09, 2006

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GLIMMERS OF HOPE: Reactions to Zarqawi's death in Baghdad (hat-tip, Erudito):
Joy filled Baghdad's hot streets, as gun shots sounded through the air, and cars packed with overjoyed Iraqi's roamed the streets. Iraqis were sharing sweets with people outside their homes.

Civil organizations paraded as they condemned violence chanting "death to Zarqawi and Saddamites." Thursday's celebrations could be compared to the jubilation in Baghdad's streets the day Saddam Hussein was captured.
great for them, and us, and hopefully there will be more occasions for celebration in future.
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Definitely an important day for the war effort, but obviously not the end of anything. More than any immediate tactical advantage, though, this success does well to offset some of the negative images we see every day in iraq, which are infinitely easier for the insurgency to do.

It is also a propoganda victory because the story is so big even the MSM cannot spin it away. The Arab stations have to report the news. The terrorist media operation even publishes his death.
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