Sunday, June 11, 2006

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PURSUING HAPPINESS: Frank Furedi warns against the shift from the welfare state to the therapeutic state:
Happiness is the indirect outcome of engaging with others in the pursuit of civic virtues, and attempting to do good. And, as it happens, it is sometimes realised through our work. Rather than causing us to be unhappy, hard, purposeful work is often the means through which we cultivate our own sense of happiness.
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Absolutely amazing, a Democrat machine blogger, albeit an intellectually honest one, supporting 17th Century Puritan values. At least as "Albion's Seed" describes them.
Mayhaps you've taken my earlier advice and have begun reading http://www.brothersjudd.com/blog/

yet another aggressive, cryptic comment. lose your petulance.

and don't presume to know my party-political sympathies.
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