Thursday, June 22, 2006

# Posted 9:17 AM by Patrick Porter  

SUMMERTIME: I'm flying over to the UK tomorrow to teach a course on 'War and World History' at a summer school. Then, just shy of my thirtieth birthday, I will be reborn as a baby, entry-level academic.

I'll join you again when the jet-lag settles. see ya.

QUICK UPDATE: There may have been some intense World Cup matches today. I'll post my thoughts in Blighty. Commiserations to the Czech Republic, the USA, Japan, Iran, and all who didn't make it.

In the meantime, this picture of Mr Harry Kewell sums up my day pretty well.
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No taxative definition for torture yet. Banging on your knee caps is different from 48 hours without sleep in a loud noise room. Academics are the last to about his particular matter. David Kenney
On ya Harry. Patrick, if you ever happen to spot Graham Poll (the referee) ask him, how he managed to issue three yellow cards to the one player in the same game.
Oh yes, wasn't it fun! Of course the Sydney set were ranting on about 'divided loyalties' re. Croatia/Australia/Italy etc. as if it mattered to the game! What the nationalists hate about multi- and transnational identities is that everyone can be a winner all the time! Loyalty then is like love, as Shelley would say - "in this it is like gold and clay, that to divide is not to take away." Gosh he was a bit of a slut wasn't he! :P
It was good to see Croatia B beat Croatia A :)

Seriously though, that last ten minutes was the best of the world cup yet. Looking forward to a beer soon.

a beer soon indeed.


as a mild nationalist myself, for once I completely agree with you. it was unnecessarily hyped as a duel between old and new loyalties, adding a bitter note to what is a beautiful tournament. Nationalism need not be bigoted or chauvinist though, but the justifiable feeling of an identity and history of one's own - the people of East Timor, for example.
I think you might enjoy John Raston Saul's latest book 'Gollapse of Globalism' - it's a bit of a reprise on the value of nationalism and nations.

Pity about the Italy defeat and its curcumstances - reminds me why I'm not usually a soccer fan. It's even more corrupt than the oil for food program. ;)
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