Monday, June 12, 2006

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THERE WERE TEARS: Tim Cahill, the wizard of Oz, scores twice late in the game to put Australia ahead against a resilient Japanese defence. The second was a curling, swerving gem. Lifted by the momentum, Aloisi drives through the middle to slot a third home.

Our first goal, our first win, in the World Cup finals, ever.

Commiserations to Japan, a sophisticated and talented team who were hard to break down.

Good luck this afternoon, USA!
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With 6 minutes to go I wondered whether we would get a goal, but then 3 came! The second goal by Cahill was simply superb.
Japan should not have been given that first goal. Terrible call.
And well done the Czech republic! A 3-0 demolition of a totally overrated side
Congrats to aussies, great game :)
And to think I doubted.. :(
Oh well, let's hope that Croatia is out of form. Erm, I would say the same for Brazil, but really, when are Brazil ever out of form?

- Factory
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