Thursday, June 15, 2006

# Posted 11:43 AM by Patrick Porter  

WAR AND FOOTBALL: Are about all I blog about these days, so I thought I'd link to some fine websites which deal with these great subjects.

(Pardon the exuberance of this post. I've just been issued my visa and entry clearance for the UK! very exciting. Ok you can all stop screaming with joy now).

Football: If you're following the world cup and want some shrewd and regular analysis, Randy of 'beautiful horizons' is your man. He also blogs about other things like Latin American politics (in fact, politics throughout the Americas) and is staunchly democratic in his socialism. He also has a great general knowledge about each team in the world cup.

War: I highly recommend Dan Todman's blog, a fellow World War I historian. For matters more contemporary, dealing with both war and American politics, I recommend the Futurist. It is intensive in using statistics/historical examples, rather than the off-the-cuff style of many blogs.

Then there is Erudito, a libertarian commentator on public affairs and proud medievalist, who I know personally and like very much. He is particularly interested in the way public debate on international relations or social policy can be corrupted, and his 'War Links' gathers great material (plus his own incisive commentary) from all round the web.
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Thank you for the kind words, Patrick
Just one more point: Socialism? Probably along the lines say of Spain's PSOE, but that would be about it.
sorry mate, social democratic?
some violence and controversy in the USA v Italy game today, eh?

No sweat. Social democrat is probably an accurate description.

Yeah the game was ugly. I'm going to post my thoughts soon.

If they weren't playing Brazil tomorrow, I'd be pulling for the Socceroos.

Boa sorte!
Aw shucks, says erudito
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