Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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YET MORE EVIDENCE THAT JIHAD IS GLOBAL: Only weeks after police thwarted a plot to attack Canada, a French court has imprisoned 25 alleged Islamist militants for planning attacks in France. Apparently, in support of Chechen rebels:

The ringleaders of the group, most of whom came from Algeria, allegedly received training in Afghanistan or in the war-torn southern Russian republic of Chechnya.
Prosecutors said the group plotted in 2001-2002 to attack targets in the French capital.
I don't want to jump too enthusiastically onto the 'get Robert Fisk' train, which gets obsessive and ugly at times. But I would like to disagree with him on one point. Recall his words

Just before the U.S. Presidential elections, bin Laden asked: ‘Why do we not attack Sweden?’ Lucky Sweden. No Osama bin Laden there. And no Tony Blair.
The revelation that jihadists training in Al Qaeda's former heartland are willing to strike France, whose government was central to opposing the war in Iraq, raises problems with Fisk's assumption that only nations directly at war with Al Qaeda will be targets.

While Iraq can be a precipitating factor, the ultimate grievance of the Islamists is that the infidel must be fought everywhere. And given that the jihadists are warriors in search of an enemy, its hard to see why liberal, secular states like Sweden, too, won't be targeted eventually.

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Al Quiada doesn't attack Sweden for the same reason that the Nazis didn't attack Sweden - in both cases, they were able to get everything they wanted from the Swedes without using bullets or bombs.

This is to Sweden's shame, not credit.
I feel odd even writing this opinion since the answer to your supposed observation is so obvious, I'm worried there's a joke buried somewhere there and I missed it:

Regardless of what Osama bin Laden says or doesn't say, France is a perfect breeding ground for aggrieved (and unemployed) Muslim men. Anyone who has ever lived in France and is NOT blinded by their own ideological beliefs can not help but wonder when France's racism towards it's own muslim population will bite it in the ass.

I agree that localised grievances can be exploited too. although its simplistic to draw a straight line between poverty/unemployment and terrorism. a culture of hatred encouraged by clerics is not irrelevant.

bear in mind that the jihadists have found compelling reasons to murder people in Morocco, Bali, Bangladesh, Canada, Somalia, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. would a secular France that treated its Moslem population more generously (ie. like Canada) really be immune?

my original point still stands: this is much much bigger than an assault on America and those allied nations who are fighting wars in the Middle East/Central Asia.

by the way, don't bother trying to be patronising ('supposed observation'). it doesn't win you the argument.
I wonder if the family Benchellali of Lyon who were just sentenced to prison in France for terrorism are any relation to M. Benchellali of Lyon who is about to go on trial in France - after the NY Times gave him an editorial to complain about how America treated him at Guantanamo.
France participates in the war against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. As such, France is not a neutral player in this.

As a spokesman for the Islamic Army of Aden stated in 2002, explaining why they attacked a French oil tanker: "We would have preferred to hit a US frigate, but no problem because they are all infidels."

They attack the infidel mainly because they are the infidel.
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