Sunday, July 09, 2006

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BIG GUY! One year ago today, a baby panda named Tai Shan made his way into the world. When he was first born, he weighted just a few ounces. Now he weighs 55 pounds.

I visited Tai Shan for the first time a few months ago and went back this afternoon to see how he's doing. When I got there, he was out of sight and fast asleep. However, his father Tian Tian was aggressively munching on some bamboo, so I got to fill my panda quotient for the day.

Here to another great year for Tai Shan and his parents.
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I hate pandas, they have low iq and often kill their young, they remind me of the Dean wing of the democratic party-- shudder-- any way. Italy won--
how about if the french had done some of that head butting in 1914 or 1939--
well even 2005 -- legend in there own mind
No spell checker on the mobile --anyway-- there and their--
If he had butted an Italian any other time he would have just dropped the tray-- faltey towers and all that.
In terms of foriegn policy-- I thought the idea was to forgive the Russians, ignore the Germans and punish the French in the strategy of Pax Americana. The UN and Nato are headquaters without an army. The issue is to establish a common will within the US to achieve empire and economic advantage . Bolton is very honest about that. how can we help him ?

whenever you describe the size/weight of a baby panda you must refer to a "stick of butter".
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