Wednesday, July 05, 2006

# Posted 11:59 PM by Taylor Owen  

MANY THANKS PORTER, it’s an honour to wander in the hallowed halls of Oxblog. Much looking forward to bashing around some ideas with you guys, and of course the venerable Oxblog readership. If we can have half the discussion we did in NYC (when you were yet to be employed and I had yet to receive my 75 billion) we should be in for some fun.

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At the risk of misrepresenting his world view, Taylor is more of a liberal internationalist, and stresses the need to combat the world's gravest security problems through laws, norms and agreements. But he is also keen to reignite a dialogue on where neoconservatives, 'democracy-promoting idealists', liberal hawks and Atlanticists can reach common ground.

As much as I have enjoyed reading OxBlog in the past, I look forward to reading the thoughts of someone who (based on the statement above) may share a more similar world view with my own. Besides, you're Canadian too.
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