Thursday, July 13, 2006

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A McCARTHY MOMENT? Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) told his audience at the Heritage Foundation that:
Some unauthorized leaks could have been deliberate attempts to help al Qaeda.

"More frequently than what we would like, we find out that the intelligence community has been penetrated, not necessarily by al Qaeda, but by other nations or organizations," he said.

"I don't have any evidence. But from my perspective, when you have information that is leaked that is clearly helpful to our enemy, you cannot discount that possibility," he added.
"I don't have any evidence. But..." A funny thing for the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to say.

Anyhow, I was a little surprised to find this out, since Hoekstra has struck me as both quite well-spoken and quite intelligent as a guest on the Sunday morning talk-shows. (Hat tip: KD)
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Wait, I thought mcCarthy had been rehabbed...
Hoekstra is nuts if he thinks there is a crazed Palestinian at the CIA spilling our secrets to the enemy. Nobody reads or speaks a M.E. language at the CIA! They are just a pack of jaded liberals who watch the calendar for the approach of retirement, having bilked the taxpayers of billions and billions for years and years, stirring their stumps occasionally to leak some tidbit damaging to George W. Bush.
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think what you have to say is interesting, but for me I think that US soft-pedalling over Pakistan (and disbanding of the Osama Bin LAden unit), are both evidence that they are not taking this seriously enough.

THink it's a great site, also worth considering how the ethics of torture has affected US views abroad:
A "McCarthy moment"?

Mary McCarthy, most probably.

No crazed palestinians needed.

The time is long past when we can regard the class bigots who populate the hierarchies recruited from academia as being loyal to the policies of the current political majority in the US.


Tom Billings
It's not that farfetched a possibility, really. We've had a scourge of leaks in recent years. We've also had quite a few public espionage cases relating to people who spied in hopes of playing politics abroad, such as the Aragoncillo case.

What's the difference between a leak and espionage, really?
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