Sunday, July 09, 2006

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VIVA ITALIA! And good riddance to Zidane. His head butt of Marco Materazzi was unbelievably vicious. A photograph won't show you just how bad it was. If you watch the film, you may be shocked.

My sympathies go out to all French soccer fans for being embarrassed by their star player. I hoped for a French victory, but it was not deserved.

Speaking of extreme violence, did you know that the WaPo covers Ultimate Fighting in its sports section? Perhaps that is where Zizou belongs.
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Truly an inexcusable play. It is an especially poor coda to Zidane's otherwise brilliant World Cup. Since the elimination rounds began, he has been the best on every pitch he played on. That head butt is also, barring an un-retirement, the last we'll see of him. He's still one of the greatest players of all time, but another World Cup would have been put him in the conversation for best player ever. A lot changed on that play. It's like Jordan punching Karl Malone in the 98 Finals, and the Jazz going on to win the championship. Anyone know what the French are saying?
Anyone know what the French are saying?

"What iz zees? Zees is--how you say--merde?"
A true fan would stay loyal, David. Be shocked, saddened, and disappointed, yes. But not adopt your dismissive tone, when days earlier you were justly in awe of the greatest player of his generation.
Well, in the end, he goes back to his irrational arab side.
Hmmm. I'll assume that previous comment was sarcastic.

As for my wavering loyalties, I guess it can be fairly said that I am much more likely to flip-flop on futbol than I am on politics.

Also, perhaps I should've remembered Zidane's stomping on a Saudi player at the 1998 cup. Even so, that head butt was sickening.
Cynical, pre-meditated, inexplicable (sort of like that "irrational Arab side" comment above), and enough to certainly dismiss his until-then admirable accomplishments in this particular World Cup. Chirac today at the Elisee Palace amazingly singled him out for warm praise, and FIFA declared him the player of the tournament. I'm waiting for Pope Benedict to put him on the fast-track to sainthood, ahead of John Paul. I'd been rooting for the French since they'd shown Brazil the business. But how could anyone not switch to Italy after that butt-header?

His ethnic abckground is berber, not Arab.
He is ethnically Berber, but in the end, he's culturally Arab (reactionary, etc), plus, Berbers and Arabs in Algeria are too mixed for that kind of distinction, and he's Muslim (nuff said.) Apparently, the Italian called him an Arab terrorist and only then headbutted him, after he had earlier pinched his nipple, which Zidane laughed off.
You certainly seem like you know him intimately, but the fact is that the Berbers had persistently rebelled against Arabs when they could.

On the other hand, you make some racist presumptions about Arabs ("Well, in the end, he goes back to his irrational arab side."), so I think that everyone should take your comments for what they are.

His behavior is more reminscient in my mind of Roy Keane, but I certainly wouldn't base that on Keane's Irishness. There are plenty of rational Irishmen in the world as there are plenty of rtational Arabs, Muslims and Berbers.

No wonder you post anonymously.
I believe Zidane comes from a Christian family. I don't know his current status. Either way attributing an individual's actions on the football pitch to his ethnicity or religion is nonsense.

You believe incorrectly, he comes from a Muslim. He is non-practicing but Muslim.
I agree about the fact that it doesn't really matter either way though, the other anon person is just crapping out racist junk. Its interesting though that people in France are generally sympathizing with him, apart from the LePen crew, who were rooting for Italy all along anyway.
Sorry from a Muslim family..
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